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A Proactive Approach

The legal profession is facing destabilising changes in the way that Civil Litigation is funded. Pressure on fees and bans on paying referrers will place significant strains on even the most well-established practices. Firms will need to adapt their business models and cost recovery strategies in order to safeguard their profitability.

At LM Costs, we understand these issues and have spent considerable time assessing the impact of the changes and planning for various scenarios. LM Costs is a dedicated team of law costs draftsmen and cost management specialists. We have established systems and services that will enable busy practitioners to adopt a proactive approach to costs recovery, whilst maximising the return on pre-April caseloads.

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Areas of Expertise

  • • Commercial litigation

  • • Fast track and multi track personal injury

  • • Clinical negligence

  • • Industrial disease

  • • Catastrophic injury


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